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For the first time in forever ♬

I've never made my own website before.

The only reason that I did it is because of C-19!!!

Everything has been changed so rapidly and I lost my Music director job for at least 4months. I mean Shows that I was supposed to be doing has postponed and canceled....

So my only income now are my school accompanist job and online piano lessons .

Fortunately most of my piano students are continuing to take lessons switched to online.

I'm so grateful for that.

I have time to learn mane very new things to me such as Zoom meeting lesson.

I had to set three different devices plus mic and speakers.

Figuring out how to set everything can be seen in the monitor was challenging but fun.,

I hate reading a manual instructions for anything.

What I do ? I just search and keep try and error many times .

I think I'm doing okay..... I will show you my setting sometime soon.

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